Build Your Local Influence & Celebrity Status So You Can Easily Attract & Convert Leads WithOUT Cold-Calling.

Build Your Tribe, Sell More Homes™


become a tribe agent in 3 steps


How to go from spray and pray marketing to focused and predictable income.


How to go from not having enough leads to naturally converting a flood of loyal leads.


How to go from wasting marketing dollars to becoming a trusted authority & celebrity that attracts referrals (even from non clients).


Realtor, Madison AL

"I attribute much my success to Sebastian's marketing strategies. After only being in real estate for 10 months, I grew a team of 20+ agents and have the fastest growing team in my city. I don't do any cold calling or door knocking. Leads come to me. I HIGHLY recommend Tribe Agent"


Realtor, Surrey BC

"Now I’m working to modernize my business, and so I tune into thought leaders both inside and outside of real estate. There are a few such that I always have time for. James Altucher, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin to name a few and I include you in that mix. Thank you again for the way you have committed to give back to the industry"

Meet Sebastian Malinowski

Sebastian is the creator of Tribe Agent™.

He's known as a pioneer of Video and Content Marketing in the real estate community. He’s the first to admit social media marketing saved his real estate business. After cold calling left him burned out, he had a decision to make. Quit or change his approach.

He decided to change and started to use marketing to attract clients. Within 9 months he nearly tripled his business, then went on to build an award-winning team.

His unique marketing strategies started attracting attention. He found himself coaching agents, team leaders, brokerage owners and consulting national brands how to use video and content marketing to attract business.

He has a passion for showing agents how to stop chasing leads and start attracting clients.


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